Harris Lake

The Harris Lake Project is located 25km south of Zanthus and 200km east of Kalgoorlie. The Project is held as a single granted Exploration Licence covering 76.4km2. Harris Lake dominates the central and northwestern part of the tenement area and marks the confluence of several channels draining from the south, west and northwest. The remainder of the licence is covered by extensive alluvial and colluvial sand and silt with little topographic variation.

Exploration focused on the drainage systems associated with Harris Lake and Lake Rivers was completed by Uranerz (Australia) Pty Ltd (URL) during 1974-1978. Their drilling identified several palaeochannels and a maximum value of 138ppm U308 from 22-23m depth was intersected 7km to the north of the Project. Prospecting around the western and northern edges of Harris Lake revealed strong radioactivity over polygonal fractures in ferruginous cover where seepages were encountered.

Most of the seepages lie to the west, although some are associated with radiometric responses within the company’s tenement. Five samples were collected from an auger hole on one of the anomalies at the north end of the lake. All samples were strongly radioactive but they all assayed below detection limits for U308. URL concluded that at least part of the large surface anomaly tested by them was due to daughter products of uranium (radium and radon) which were emanating from a uranium source within a palaeochannel.

A detailed aeromagnetic and radiometric survey covering the Project was flown by Enterprise Metals Limited in March 2011 and identified four radiometric anomalies associated with the Harris Lake drainage system. An airborne EM survey flown in July 2012 has confirmed the presence of a concealed deep palaeochannel traversing the licence area. This represents an immediate target for initial reconnaissance drill testing.

DTM with clipped U and AEM area

Figure 1:  DTM with clipped U and AEM area.

Harris Lake Project, E28/1958, AEM Image over DTM

Figure 2: AEM Image over DTM, with Sample Flight Lines Shown.

Sample CDI’s from Northern Area

Figure 3:  Sample CDI’s from Northern Area.