Uranium Projects Overview

Figure 1:  Enterprise Uranium Limited, Projects Location
(and showing locations of uranium resources held by other companies).

Following the acquisition of its five uranium exploration projects from Enterprise Metals Limited and its wholly owned subsidiaries in October 2012, Enterprise Uranium Limited is currently exploring five uranium projects targeting calcrete and sand hosted uranium mineralisation. Some of these projects also include other commodities as a secondary target. These projects are all located on the Yilgarn Craton in Western Australia, and are:

Project Granted Tenements Ungranted Tenements Area (km2) DMP annual minimum Expenditure DMP annual minimum Expenditure (all granted)
Byro 1 4 1,943 $166,000 $635,000
Yalgoo 10 5 1,254 $305,787 $445,787
Peranbye 4 3 1,442 $273,000 $483,000
Ponton 5 0 1,216 $412,000 $412,000
Harris Lake 1 0 76 $26,000 $26,000
Total 21 12 5,931 $1,182,787 $2,001,787

Table 1:  Uranium Projects Tenement Summary

Enterprise Uranium Limited’s proposed exploration plans in the first year will focus on drill targets generated from the geophysical data, including magnetics, radiometrics and airborne electromagnetics. Planned works comprise initial Aboriginal heritage surveys and other stakeholder engagements, followed by drilling reconnaissance lines over first pass targets. All holes will be gamma probe logged and any uraniferous intervals will be submitted for chemical analysis.

Results from the first year will be followed up in the second year with infill and step out drilling. Metallurgical studies on drill samples will be done to identify any uranium mineralisation species and possible extraction methods.